Candi + Chad Engagement

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Through a good friend of ours, we got introduced to Candi who was going to be getting married in June 2012.  A few weeks before the big day, we had a wonderful engagement session with Candi and her fiance, Chad. It was a beautiful day out as we strolled along the Mississippi River near downtown St. Paul.

Here are some of our faves.  Stay tuned  for pictures from their big day too!




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senior photo

Not that long ago, we had a fabulous senior portrait session with Kayla.  Kayla was simply amazing to work with. Besides being drop-dead gorgeous and very easy going, she knew exactly what she wanted out of her portrait session. She came prepared with a wide array of outfits, poses in mind and the family support of her mom and sis who made the shoot a big party.  Kayla was a natural in front of the camera; she was lively, energetic and fun.

We started off her session by getting some great outdoor shots along Harriet Island, then around our studio for a more grungy urban look, and finished off with some in-studio shots.  Kayla is a very talented dancer and so we took the opportunity to get some shots in her element.

We want to wish Kayla the very best after her graduation.  Here are some our of faves from the day (it was hard to select just a few).

senior photosenior photosenior photosenior photosenior photo


Shake it for Lyla Zumbathon

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Back in April, we drove down to Shakopee, MN for a Zumbathon to help raise funds for one amazing little girl named Lyla. It was a long drive but it was well worth the trip. The charity event was held to raise funds for Lyla’s family to help pay for medical bills for Lyla. Lyla was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in February 2011 and has had to undergo a few surgeries and various cancer treatments. It was the least the community could do to help out this one special little girl.

Here are some highlights of the day! Thank you Shakopee for welcoming us with open arms.


photo booth

zumbathonphoto boothzumbathon


4th Silent No More Zumbathon

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And so they gathered. After months of preparation and hard work, the day was finally here. You could feel it in the air;  today was going to be memorable. This wasn’t just any zumbathon. It had special significance. It was about a woman, Darcy Fox, who persevered to make a positive change in her community after dealing with a terrible ordeal in her life. Today was going to be one chapter of that journey.

Hundreds showed up to support her in her 4th annual Silent No More Zumbathon to raise awareness for sexual assault. Darcy was supported by a rock-star team of instructors and volunteers. Here are some of our favorite moments from that day!



Kaitlynn Turns 5

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A few weeks ago my best friend’s daughter, Kaitlynn turned five years ago. I thought that it was fitting to celebrate this milestone by doing a mini photo shoot with her. It was her day and she called the shots. She had a blast dressing up in her mom’s jewelry, playing with bubbles, and even hosting a tea party with her stuffed animals.

Here are some highlights from the day.



Above and Beyond Zumbathon

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Several weeks ago we helped raise funds at a zumbathon for the Above and Beyond Children’s Foundation. The Above and Beyond Children’s Foundation provides funding for extracurricular activities and after school programs. They pledge to contribute time, effort and funds in the hopes that children and young adults will receive the opportunities that they deserve.

ABCF President, Vanessa Palestino (who also happens to be a Zumba instructor) worked tirelessly at organizing the zumbathon. She was joined on the stage by Timberwolves cheerleader, Markee Huinker, along with a few other local instructors. It was a fun day!


Zumba Tropical

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Zumba Tropical Party

Several weeks ago we volunteered our services at Zumba Tropical to help raise money for educational programs offered by the Sabes Jewish Community Center.  The tropical party sizzled with the  talented and sexy, Bernice Arias, Vanessa Dembo and Leslie Fhima.  Participants enjoyed strutting their hottest moves,  were entertained by musicians, and shopped at numerous vendors.  Also, who could forget Elaine Francis on the dance floor in her Carmen Miranda attire!

I personally enjoyed diving into my venezuelan arepa with fresh mozzarella cheese on top by ALM Corner Cafe. It was sheer deliciousness!

Here are some pics and a video highlight of the party!

Zumba Tropical Party

Zumba Tropical PartyZumba Tropical PartyZumba Tropical PartyZumba Tropical Party



Darcy’s Voice

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Stan and I have known Darcy for a couple of years since we dived into the world of Zumba photography.  Last year we were honored to support her in her annual Zumbathon for Sexual Assault Awareness.

We were thrilled to work with her again on a video project for her upcoming event this April. One of the most magnificent things about our creative trade is that it gives us the ability to raise other people’s voices through our own. Darcy Fox is an amazing and inspiring woman who has taken the worst of situations and turned it into something positive to better her community.

We’ve done numerous Zumbathons, all for great causes, but Darcy’s Zumbathon was always a bit different.  I remember talking with her the night we shot portions of her mini documentary. We share the same philosophy on charity causes. It’s hard to truly put into words. There are experiences in our lives that are painful and tragic, and at times, it feels like there’s no coming back because the pain is so overwhelming. But we find the strength deep within ourselves to conquer it.  When that happens, we are driven to make a change so that it can help people and nothing in the world will stop you.  You feel that one voice can make a difference and and it will send a ripple into the hearts of the community and create a movement for change.

We want to thank Darcy for inviting us into her home, spending time with her family, and sharing her voice with us. Many tears were shed throughout making this video on both sides of the camera.

Please support Darcy at the 4th Annual Silent No More Zumbathon.

Event Details:

Date/Time:  Saturday, April 21st between 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Location: Westwood Middle School – 711 91st Ave. NW, Blaine, MN 55434



Zumbathon® 4 St. Jude

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* We apologize for the delay in getting this blog out during the holidays. Even though it was months ago, we still wanted to write about this great event that brought people together for an amazing cause. *

“Something good will come out of this.”

Those were Gracie Joles’ words to her mom close to the end of her short but remarkable life. For those of you who have not heard Gracie’s story, it is simply a heart-wrenching story. Gracie passed away on Sept. 21, 2011 of a brain tumor at age 8.

Back in November 2011, hundreds gathered (including many kids) to honor this little girl and to support in helping raise funds for St. Judes  Children’s Hospital.  Supported by the MN Zumba Community and special Zumba Fitness guests, Marcie Gill and DJ Francis, the event was a huge success.

Marcie GillDJ Francis Zumbathon

Zumbathon zumbathon


Acara, Skyler & Micah

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A few weeks ago we had a blast with Acara, Skyler and their son Micah. Check out some of our faves from their family session. Micah was a riot to work with.  He was always smiling and tried so hard to mimic the poses we all wanted him to do. It was a fun day with the entire family. When Micah took his breaks, we also snagged some great solo shots of Acara and Skyler. They we naturals and the camera loved them!


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